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Dive Site Details

  • Depth: 65ft
  • Experience: advanced
  • Swell: high
  • Current: low

Dive BLONDE ROCK with:

You will find Blonde Rock between Deadchest Island and Salt Island, at an 8 minute boat ride from Peter Island. Small and big overhangs create a wonderful topography and you get the chance to explore numerous caverns and crevices that are home to some interesting species.

This diving spot got its name from the myriad of fire corals embracing the pinnacle but it could have easily be named Lobster Rock as you will see a lot of lobsters the second you start your diving. Cup coral and vibrantly colored sponges will surround you, as though desperately seeking for someone to immortalize them on camera.

You will also have the chance to spot puffer fish, parrotfish, angelfish, triggerfish, blackbar soldierfish, chub, French grunts, bar jacks, horse-eye jacks, creole wrasse, tomtates, coneys, glasseye snappers, graysby fish, carangid fish, barracuda, cobias, turtles and a few sharks. So make no mistake, you will witness a lot of wildlife in these waters.

This is a weather dependent diving site so if you have a bad weather day, chances are you won’t even be able to find the mooring buoys, let alone have a good dive.

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