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  • Depth: 90ft
  • Experience: advanced
  • Swell: high
  • Current: low

Dive CARVAL ROCK with:

Placed between Cooper and Ginger Islands, southeast of Cooper and southwest of Ginger, this magnificent rocky formation hovers over an incredible diving site, with flourishing marine life and captivating underwater topography. Near Carval Rock you will find boulders that are intensely trafficked by local exotic fish and marine species.

The underwater landscape abounds in small crevices that wait to be explored to reveal the colorful and curious fish hiding there. The rocks are covered with fire coral and colorful sponges while dancing marine plants can be spotted on the sand patches.

At Carval Rock you will see sharks, barracuda, moray eels, lobsters, red lip blennies, amberjacks, whitespotted filefish, groupers, queen and black triggerfish, jewelfish, gobies, damselfish, mackerels, kingfish, French grunts, blue tang, trumpetfish, spotted drums and high-hats.

This diving site has a huge potential but it’s not that frequented so chances are you will either find it deserted or with a few divers here and there.

Photos by Armando Jenik

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