daed chest west, dead chest west diving

Dive Site Details

  • Depth: 55ft
  • Experience: intermediate
  • Swell: moderate
  • Current: low


Dead Chest West is a diving site in the west of Dead Chest Island, bursting with exotic fish, structured in many levels which create a nice array of underwater formations.

Snappers, fairy basslets, gorgeous grunts, chromis, sea breams, spotted hawkfish, wrasse, gobies, Spanish hogfish, glassy sweepers, banded coral shrimps, urchins, green moray eels, lobsters, big and small, the marine wildlife wandering about will provide hours of entertainment.

Overhangs, caves, ridges, passages and archways create series of captivating mazes waiting to be explored. Bring a light with you to be able to discover all the small crevices which are filled with critters that are waiting to be snapped on camera.

Near the second cave the water is shallower and you can explore the wonderful topography of alleys and arches that create a complex labyrinth, a fun place to check off your list.

Dead Chest West proves itself as a very captivating dive site, with a large pool of marine life that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’re a fan of interesting marine topography.

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