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  • Experience: novice
  • Swell: low
  • Current: low


“Fifteen Men on the dead man’s Chest,
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum”

Edward Teach, widely known as Blackbeard, decided to abandon 15 of his men after a mutiny, leaving them with a cutlass and a bottle of rum each. Legends say this is how Dead Chest Island got its name and locals are very fond of this tale. This rocky pinnacle is located between Salt and Peter Island and has three diving sites some of the most exciting ones in the whole BVI: Dead Chest West, Coral Gardens and Painted Walls.

Dead Chest Wall is a structured diving site, with multiple rocky structures. Coral Gardens is perfect for snorkeling on a calm day and has brightly colored corals and sponges coating the rocks around you. Painted Walls is the diving site where it should be mandatory to bring your camera, you will have so many incredible sceneries to capture, colorful shoals of fish mingle together waiting to be immortalized.

An uninhabited National Park, Dead Chest is home to the most exciting fish and colorful corals, making each dive one to remember. Prepare your camera for fairy basslets , grunts, snappers, spotted hawkfish, wrasse, chromis, sea breams, Spanish hogfish, glassy sweepers, gobies, banded coral shrimps, urchins and green moray eels.

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