diamond reef, diamond reef bvi

Dive Site Details

  • Depth: 40ft
  • Experience: intermediate
  • Swell: low
  • Current: low


Accessible by boat, Diamond Reef is located off Great Camanoe, at a 2 minutes boat ride from Scrub Island. There’s a small story that locals believe it’s the one that gave this diving spot its name; legend says that many years ago two newlyweds supposedly had a huge fight and she threw her ring in the water.

Soft and hard corals accompanied by colorful sponges coat the wall and the rocky formations found on the sandy bottom.

The reef is not only very vibrant, it’s also home to a rich palette of colorful exotic fish and other marine species. Tomtates, sergeant majors, grey snappers, blue chromis, tiny wrasses, parrotfish, mackerels, garden eels, stingrays and turtles will go with you as you swim along. Explore the crevices for smaller invertebrates and don’t forget to bring your camera, this is a spectacular yet more reclusive site.

With better visibility in the northern side, Diamond Reef is known for its flourishing fish species and colorful reef.

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