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fearless & willy t bvi, fearless & willy t bvi diving

Dive Site Details

  • Depth: 80ft
  • Experience: advanced
  • Swell: high
  • Current: low


Fearless & Willy T is located about half a mile north of Great Harbour and features two sank ships. The first one is the Fearless, which many believe to be the sister ship of Calypso, Jack Cousteau’s mobile laboratory. Willie T is the second one and it was a popular floating bar and restaurant, which upgraded to a more modern feel after the old one was sank to be added to the underwater scenery.

Besides ship wrecks, Fearless & Willy T hosts a wide array of marine life, from colorful fish to black coral trees.Fairy basslets, gobies, blennies, French grunts, creole wrassse and bar soldier fish are just a few of the fish that you will have a chance to encounter while diving these waters. Southern rays, eagle rays or turtles can also be spotted if you spend more time in this area.

Explore the underwater wrecks – do so being very careful as both ships are made from wood and over time degraded severely so they’re quite dangerous – and the typical, exotic marine species, to get the best of what Fearless & Willy T has to offer.

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