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  • Depth:
  • Experience: intermediate
  • Swell: high
  • Current: low

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Located close to two diving sites that are slightly more popular, Mountain Point and Cow’s Mouth, Paul’s Grotto is a very captivating yet less crowded site.

The underwater architecture is truly stunning; you have caves and hills that are covered with corals and gorgonians. Expect to see many coral species, among them being fire coral, staghorn coral, elkhorn coral and cup coral.

If you are a fan of underwater photography, Paul’s Grotto is intensely populated with interesting marine species; you will have the chance to photograph arrow crab and a crack crab, shrimps, sea urchins, fairy basslets, graysby fish, sergeant majors, trunk fish, butterfly fish, damselfish, parrotfish, sea bass, queen fish, spotted and rock lobsters, lionfish, barracuda, moon jellyfish, hawksbill and green turtles.

Interesting marine wildlife, captivating sceneries and clear waters are three of the reasons why Paul’s Grotto is a diving site worth visiting. Swim along with the colorful fish and try to name as many species as you can!

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