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  • Depth: 60ft
  • Experience: intermediate
  • Swell: moderate
  • Current: low


Spyglass Wall is located in the north of Norman Island, at a 5 minute boat drive from The Bight. It has its name after the highest peak on Norman Island, Spyglass Hill – a place used by pirates to spot Spanish treasure fleet – which is mentioned by Robert Louis Stevenson in his “Treasure Island” book. 1500ft long, Spyglass Wall is one of the most captivating mini walls in British Virgin Islands.

The wall and the sandy bottom are covered in sea fans, purple tube sponges, coral outcrops, and the waters are populated with fairy basslets, damselfish, blue tangs, tobaccofish, anthias, tarpons, Atlantic spadefish, eagle rays, southern stingrays, turtles and the occasional squid.

Close to the top is the perfect snorkeling spot while deeper waters are ideal for diving, being surrounded by schools of playful tropical fish.

Spyglass Wall doesn’t have a big wildlife variety like some other diving site in Norman Island, for example Ringdove Rock, but instead offers thrilling marine sceneries.

spyglass (1 of 1)-2 (Medium) spyglass (1 of 1)-3 (Medium)

Photos by Armando Jenik

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