Dive Site Details

  • Depth: 42ft
  • Experience: novice
  • Swell: low
  • Current: low


Vanishing Rock is situated on the eastern side of Salt Island, having the Cooper Island on the right side. You can get here by taking a 20 minute boat ride from Road Town and usually this site is frequented by those who want to experience a silent, less crowded dive.

Located near one of the most famous diving site in BVI, the RMS Rhone, Vanishing Rock is a shallow coral reef that is home to some colorful and interesting wildlife, like anemones, shrimps, squirrelfish, grunts, sergeant majors, bigeye snappers, jawfish, blennies, Spanish hogfish, green moray eels, lobsters and nurse sharks.

Gorgonians and colorful sponges coat the rocky topography and the sandy bottom, creating a very picturesque sight. In the deeper waters you’ll find Sergeant Major City and if you go even further you will be witnessing Sergeant Major Suburbs; both these pillar coral architectures are boasting with marine creatures so make sure to check them out.

This site depends very much on the weather as stronger currents could make Vanishing Rock undivable. If you want a quiet diving site with a wide array of marine life, this will prove worth your while.

Photo by <a title=”Armando Jenik BVI Photography” href=”http://armandojenik.com” target=”new”>Armando Jenik</a>

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